Friday, August 01, 2008

What's the BEAUTY of LIFE

2nd August, 2008
What's the beauty of life? Really what is it? Is it the two beautiful hearts getting together or is it the story of every successful life? Is it in the comfort of the Rich or in the innocence of the Poor? Is it in the most beautiful painting of an artist or in the appreciation of a homely Crowd?

These are the very few of thoughts that crept in when I asked my HEART a very simple question: "What's the Beauty of Life"? This kept on disturbing me till I had the wonderful self-learning last Sunday. A day that started badly with a power cut ending the beautiful early-morning sleep followed by a no-water situation forcing me to carry water from the ground floor to finish even my shaving. A simple breakfast and drive towards the class only to wait for the trainer, hinted me of a very long day ahead. On the way home, a scan of bike documents by the traffic official (myself only praying for the best) and a no-petrol situation tested my patience as I had to pull the bike all the way to the bunk to fill in. A boring late Sunday lunch and that's too self-prepared did not help me either but the comfortable afternoon-sleep (dreamless of course) was wonderful. A call of reminder to attend a function not only broke the wonderful sleep, it indeed taught me another big lesson to end the day. I needed to be waiting for my friend to pick me up from the square and it started raining heavily. As there was no place to keep away from the rain, I had to get wet and walk the 15 minutes distance back home. The WALK was simply annoying but somewhere deep in the heart, I had a good feeling. Then came a suggestion time; my friend and his beloved wanted help in taking the most sensitive decision. As if, I have had many experiences in life:-). Absolutely not, but I felt great to have been given a chance to suggest. For me, it was the best thing of the day. A tasty dinner and a walk on the beach just concluded the Sunday. Here's where I could understand the Game of life and my HEART's response to my question: "What's the Beauty of Life"?

There is only BEAUTY in LIFE, if only we look back at things or situations of a day positively. If it is ugly, bad, or annoying, it means, there are a lot to pick for life because that is the ultimate reality of life. If it is smooth and simple, that means we have utilized past learnings and picked up names for us; the names that will be uttered by many in this world. So, when you search for BEAUTY in LIFE, look back at things; if you are not able to, then read through the following, thinking that there are only two things in the world: you and the following situations.

  1. The fragrance of summer’s first drops of rain touching the earth.
  2. The wait for your turn at the Pani-Puri stall.
  3. The wait for the teacher when you have not accomplished your tasks and you know you are going to be punished.
  4. Mum’s wake-up call in the early winter morning when it feels like HEAVEN inside the blanket.
  5. The long wait to see your parents or siblings when you are away for a long time or stay far away from them.
  6. The scare in the heart when you are caught red-handed for your blunders.
  7. The eagerness for the closing school bell when you are in a boring last period.
  8. The nervousness in your acts in front of somebody whom you love to the core.
  9. The confidence in the fingers when you see the questions in an exam completely based on your preparation.
  10. The shy of relief when your dad is examining you and his friend reaches at the same time to take him somewhere.
  11. The warmness in mum’s care when you are ill and she sits beside you to cure you in all possible ways.
  12. The annoying traffic when you know you are already late for the meeting.
  13. The search in the eyes for someone with whom you feel comfortable; may be in school, college or may be even your own office.
  14. The satisfaction in the HEART when you are awarded for your whole-hearted effort.
  15. The feeling of joy when your proposal of Love is accepted instantly.
  16. The feeling of ecstasy when you hear her/him saying you “Love you darling.”

These are the REALITIES of life. Come what may! The above will never change and at some stage of life one will go through these situations. No day or life is ugly or bad, it’s the way we look at it. Let’s take that Sunday as an example. When I was passing through the day, I thought it’ll never end but it ended and it also taught me the basics. Here are those:

  1. The power-cut breaking my sleep & the no-water situation: taught me that comforts are not the ways of life. Some days, I need to live without it.
  2. Waiting for the trainer & friend at the square: Things will never always fall in place for me in time; sometimes I have to compromise on the WAITING factor. It’s not always difficult to wait; may be when I find it tough to wait, I can recall the 9 months waiting of a mother to deliver the kid or the life-long wait of the lover to get his beloved.
  3. Checking by the traffic officer: Always be ready for a test; whether it’s a simple questionnaire in a quiz or by the toughest officer in a cell. Hence, I have to be always prepared for anything in life.
  4. No-petrol in bike & no place to keep away from the rain: Taught me the lesson of responsibility and doing the basics right. These might be very simple things but they really count.
  5. The comfortable afternoon sleep: Some physical labor and the mind as well as body get the best rest. Hence, I need to really do some physical labor in a day to get nice and comfortable sleep.
  6. Reminder call breaking the sleep: Sleep is important but it should not hamper the call of duty or a very important appointment. Hence, I need to attend social functions at any cost.
  7. The WALK back home was annoying: Taught me that no matter how capable you are in life, a tough situation will definitely pull you back. So the wiser thing is to be calm and composed in such situations and not ignore things around you and the most important, to listen to your heart.
  8. Inside the heart, I had a good feeling: Sometimes the Nature teaches us the best things. The RAIN was annoying but in the course of my walk I realized that the rain stopped my work but it is important for life. We can not ignore it.
  9. Suggestion time: In life we learn a lot by simply looking at others or through the course of our own deeds but it is also important that we share and help others on their way. In this way, we do not give away things but we reach out people and get to know many. In my next blog I'll tell about the suggestion. In the meanwhile, let me tell that the suggestion was based on their love affair.
  10. The WALK on the beach: The true beneficiary of that day which actually answered my question “What's the Beauty of Life" through my HEART. It is always important that we sit for sometime at the end of the day and brief ourselves on what we achieved. May be the open air is the best place because it gives us freedom of thinking and realizing. Truly, it taught me the ultimate lesson: Life is BEAUTIFUL by itself and that is the REALITY of Life.
warm wishes,
Aurosis Mishra (aka Mitu).