Friday, January 26, 2007

A Proposal through the Sun

1st February, 2002
O' Sun, You the destroyer, preserver and messenger.
Rising in the don, setting in the evening,
working like the routine of a worker.
Even the worker fumbles; You hardly to shine.
You, the only to reach every sand.
How lucky You're! Not we, human being.
God shaped You and us on this land.
But a great difference in distributing blessings.
You got duty to serve us, no second to leave.
For us, to serve Him by getting knowledge.
But misfortune makes us convince.
Whole world, impossible to see at one stage.
O' Sun, You play the role of a messenger,
coming in the morning, leaving in the evening.
You, get the news of friends and betrayers,
go back with how civilization is functioning.
You've witnessed great men in this sand.
Still no one gets knowledge like You.
Give the message to the Creator! Man has surrendered.
Whole world, impossible to see in a queue.
Send the message, I've proposed Him.
O' God, gift us Eyes like our Sun,
we want power like our Sun having,
then no knowledge for us, out of scene.

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