Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pain of Strange

18th Feb, 2002

A Life without fire, scholar without Knowledge.
In this third world of mine, the evidence, ME.
Born with a Pain of Strange,
still continues in this young seconds of ME.
Though the first ten minutes caused me less,
the next five made me know it,
and recent five prepared to face.
Realizing in the teen, something of its kind.
Never knew where childhood touched and when.
The reason, quite clear; however enjoyed it.
Witnessed a permanent restriction,
though provided no impact.
The teens, not troubled in a great deal,
but the sound, always heard of Pain.
Here felt little difference from others;
never did they show the same.
Came the young sunshine, forcing a foot back
and the pain rolls like a second;
not the physical but the psychological.
As the fire continues to woe mine mind.
Hurts, finding a great difference from all.
Must be accepted as a process and I
go on, as hardly can it be avoided.

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