Sunday, January 21, 2007

My Sweetest Day

14th Nov, 2001
Often a question stroke my ear,
in a fine morning of December.
What's the Sweetest Day of mine?
I went on thinking and searching.
Is it the day, full of Amusement,
or the day of Establishment?
Is it when I get Success in all fields,
or when I am near the High-seas?
Is it when the whole world, in my Control
or when I dig my Foe's hole?
Is it the day of Delicious Food and Fine Sleep,
or when I am inside the sea in a Sheep?
NO my dear friend, these are never,
I dream these days ever.
My golden days are when I am with you.
discussing all our feelings in a queue.
In this fine morning, with the Sun shining,
both of us keep on remembering.
Those days of our life when we were,
guided by self, not intelligent power.
Those days, when playing with the sand
and listening to the bird.
We kept on making Life, a machine of fun
sometimes with the cat or with the gun.
O' FRIEND, dear FRIEND, come back
sit on the vehicle of Time's track.

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