Saturday, January 20, 2007


6th Nov, 2001
O' FRIEND, dear friend, go away not from me
and not misunderstand me.
It is YOU who lighted the source of Encouragement,
and the source of Commitment.
YOU, still my first, still my last
and I want your friendship last.
Have I gone away far from your thought?
But you are not
This world is big and our days small.
Not it's all.
Wherever YOU go and search friendship,
surely can get my friendship.
Because in this gesture of human faces,
all want your FACE.
Here's the product of this humanly earth,
who wants your feeling to catch.
Till the last I wait for your turn.
Conscience knocks, I can.
Standing over all boundaries, it's powerful
which may make it successful.
For this, you need to be not so far.
Under my reach's air.

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Sangeeta said...

hey auro....publish your writings naa.....nice ones....keep up the good work....