Saturday, July 19, 2008

A DAY with "U"

15th December, 2005
A ring on the cell and SMS to follow,
time and venue settled.
You wanted evening park and me,
evening sea-wind.
Decision taken: evening somewhere.
Next fooding program
for me, dinner but for U, only snacks.
Decision left to Time.
Matter of discussion, next point.
U said, to listen me,
but for me, discussion on life's moments,
the family, future and choices.
Decision taken: listening each other.
In came the day !
I reached, U reached, Somewhere
with the Sun leaving the scene.
The Moon welcomed our Smiles and wished us
a future with plenty of Love,
I started with the day's happenings and the usual humor
U laughed heartily and also enjoyed,
but didn't tell your story
because I didn't give time.
Then of Family matters, the usual fashion.
U showed seriousness with a smile.
I choiced U for all days of Life,
but U choiced "Time" instead.
We waited for Time and didn't return.

warm wishes,
Aurosis Mishra (aka Mitu).

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ma Corazón (HEART)

10th December, 2005
It's a Hub of memories,
packed with old and new.
It's a pot with Loveand unintentional Emotions, where
Care is the queen.
It's a platform for the trains of Love,
many come and go; sometimes
for me and sometimes for them.
It's only Twice for me.
First one's destination, not at all
finishing at mine's Hut;
the second expresses to be going my way.
But the ticket, yet to be confirmed.
It's a huge Network with
business of Uploading and Downloading.
Everything already uploaded fast;
Dad, mum, sister, brother, relatives and friends
but downloading takes time.
First download didn't happen
because of Authorization.
And the second is on progress
and I don't know its completion.
And it's also a temple of Love
where "Time" is worshiped.
An environment; where Emotion, Sacrifice,
Respect, Dedication, Understanding
and Dream being used to
worship the almighty, TIME.
Only thing pending here,
A Devotee with ingredients for worshipping.

warm wishes,
Aurosis Mishra (aka Mitu).

Heloo All

Hi All,

Hope you are doing great. It has been some time that I have not posted any blogs. That is all because of the bigger responsibility at a new place which has also given me some of the best friends. So, I am back here again to post more blogs.

Stay tuned or visit again and you'll see three of my best pieces which I had produced a year back but did not post. With the request of a good friend, I'll post them in a while.

So, please be patient and you'll see something new soon but do not forget to place your comments as and when you see the latest posts.

Aurosis Mishra (aka MITU).