Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Request to My Sweetheart

6th December, 2001
Well, Sweetheart! Haven't You pardoned me,
for the silly blunder of mine?
From the first, till, the only You're
I loved more than other.
All your support holds all my brilliance,
without You, there's no permanence.
Competition sharpens intellect, where
I, the incarnation; You the competitor.
Happened what to You, aware less.
To me, it's icing on the cake.
In fear of losing You, I proposed You,
the result, a real curse to pursue,
which was unknown, like the future.
Sense of anger, frustration was the mirror,
the beautiful heart and face.
You reasoned it, the difference in age,
a difference of nine, nothing I felt.
To You, You were a good friend of mine,
but the heart crowned You, the queen.
Any interaction with me, You totally rejected,
though the self accepted, but heart denied.
I promise, you be always my center of thought.
I want all to be cleared; it's the truth.
I loved You, I love You and I'll love You!
Well darling, never misunderstand me,
my stopping of ringing You ever since,
I never want sorrows shining on You, that's the reason.
If happy you're with this non-interaction,
I pray God: take me away from your thought,
I request not to do the reverse.
To end, I still say, You've misunderstood me.
To know, put me in You,
be convinced of my heart's cry.

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