Sunday, January 21, 2007

Turn of Fortune

19th Nov, 2001
Come away come away Sweet days,
without You I am a bird in the cage.
Why are You so fast in rolling on,
compared to Your bad brother who stays on.
Your twinkling delight, a flash of lightening,
less seconds to the heart for soothing.
O' how painful, the heart without You.
Unfortunately, Your days are of few.
Lord, my Lord! You, my great destinier;
the keys of my fortune, can You hand over?
My conscience, not at all a bad dreamer,
no seconds there to forget it's creator.
Need those keys to reward the Time,
when I was with my days fine.
Those days, when my Friend's face there
when wanted the feelings to share.
No seconds, the heart remained alone,
as continued interaction in the phone.
Well my Lord, I never want,
going far, the last five years act.
Those days, the best of my Life,
Friend's lovely face in front of the sight.
Suddenly, days passed away like
a dreamless night and arrived a sight.
I found everyone's face,
lost right to see Friend's face.
I realize the reason of my sorrows,
the sudden Turn of My Fortune carries
away from the world of gold
to the lonely and uncomfortable world,
which can never be denied
I am not the only to be frustrated!

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