Friday, January 26, 2007

Politics: A Blessing or Curse

20th December, 2001
Politics, O' Politics! Can You vanish a day?
Without your role in Earth, I've something to say.
For those who shout politics, mine
Rest, not an instrument to shine.
From early don, to the deepest night
they play and are played by Politics like a kite.
Well Time! Make me know Politics: is it a game,
gifted by God to all men and women?
But the shape of Politics, completely changed,
no development, but as been ruined.
Atmosphere inside has been filled, with
Corruption, Murder, Mocking increase width.
Well, common man, can You define Politics?
I know, I know, to You, what it means.
Grab power, stay over common and do what You like.
Well, well, how long power'll shine?
The Sun must rise a day in life,
the thread must be cut and finish your playing of kite.
That laughing power must put off You,
like priests putting off shoes before temple.
After all, we the guest're unaware,
our soul'll escape at what hour.
Why should we aim at ruling others?
To me, to rule or be ruled, the worst curse.
O' God, my destinier, bless all of us,
wash evil from mind or let evil finish
then our Politics would get rest.
I never mock it and I keep it on Everest height.
It's not Politics creating disorder.
Fellows polluting it want power more.
Let the Sun rise a morning when,
all of us ruled by God; the Life be golden.

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