Saturday, January 20, 2007

Dawn Dream

17th Feb, 2002
Often said, Dawn Dream, a possible reality.
Unable, as I am but very much optimistic.
Let’s take it at once, a real possibility.
If ever happens to me, will make future majestic.
Eyes had their greatest nights of their days,
witnessed the unbelievable scene last night.
Dreamed herself standing in front of the eyes,
afraid of an anger sight.
Strangely smiles rolled on, providing a relief.
Boldly asked “how was she” but nothing she replied
once more asked, “what did she need”.
Once again, ear’s had no words heard.
Silence everywhere, suddenly sounds of barking,
came near and soon, deadly silence.
Yet, no reply except the face, smiling.
More complicacy, looking at her face.
Acceptance of proposal in the smile.
Eyes saw her parents’ smiling scene;
none had an expression at any while.
Heart impatient, ears were keen.
Silence everywhere, suddenly darkness.
All vanished from sight and mine amazed
for a while but searched in darkness.
Reality as it was, attempts totally void.
Realized the truth, dream had concluded.
Light in the sky-light and a little sound of crowd.
Sound of call caused me wake soon.
It was of none but mum’s tune.

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