Thursday, July 02, 2009

Having a FEEL which I never felt before

There is a silent fear, anxiousness and seriousness that seem to dominate my THOUGHT, which used to be the weapon of my CREATIVITY. Perhaps, the culprit here is not a human being but the ghost of Recession, which is currently swallowing professions every second. Now, it is no longer limited to the jobs since there are so many connected elements to it; the life style, the personal life, family and so many other elements which result out of the Profession. Few years back, an IT job looked the most loyal lottery in one's hand and everybody was jealous about it. When I was a student, I used to be queried, whether I was working; when I got a job, they asked me, am I an IT professional and now the question has completely changed; they ask, are you safe? I guess, everybody would have faced the same although the answers might differ.

Truly, the TIME has changed; the job which once looked the loyal asset is the most searched for element; more than its limitations, people are more conscious of saving it at their best. For this, they are ready to go to any extent; they want to do anything that is thrown at them. Now, they no longer say, it is not my job because all the negative terms might directly bring in RISK to their stature. These are all possible; thanks to the Recession, possibly a nightmare that might go away but not without leaving its footprints in the era of IT Professionals under the clutch of which hundreds of careers, lives, families and of course the life styles would be sacrificed.

In the above event of things, I am also equally affected; rather I would say, I have been benefited because this scenario has brought more positive opportunities on my way, thanks to all the exposures, challenges and leanings thrown at me by all of my EMPLOYERs. Today, when I see myself and compare my friends, I definitely see a sea of difference from the perspective of the ROADs I have covered and the MILESTONEs I have achieved. Today, when people are primarily trying to save the job and on the way miss a trick or two planning for their growth, I feel I can just settle down on the latter. This is again possible because I am lucky to be thrown into challenges, new areas of exposure and the opportunities to handle roles which is still a dream for others. I know, the multifarious services or the so called Multi-task handling or even Multi-Talent disposing from my end would definitely provide the icing on the cake to my EMPLOYERs but I guess both parties will settle on this compromise going by the current event of things.