Monday, January 22, 2007

Death's Fear

5th December, 2001
My great God! Stop gifting lives anymore.
Pleasure in my horrible Earth no more.
Call me either or remake my planet.
Pleasure fears shining as nothing is set.
Wherever my imagination stretches out
fails again and again to make out.
My same observation when I look,
to human beings rotation of Life mock.
As my eye witnessed many a Death,
sometimes my nearers also underneath.
Every closure of eyes warn my thoughts
always I care for them, me not.
In this second if something fears me,
the general drama: theft, rape or a murder scene.
And the most poisonous, betrayal of a Friend,
all wake before the Sun with east wind.
I know myself, well ahead of all these,
these can hardly touch or make my work cease.
Do You know, what fears me most?
The power of Death in my dearer's cost.
Great God! I, well aware of the truth,
Death would succeed from East to South.
Myself, in an age listening predecessor's Death,
stretching forward as I sense.
Death's growing power over Friends and Dear,
how pathetic to roll in tear.
To escape from this horrible scene,
let my Death, the first be seen.
O' my Master! Bless me the simplest Death,
sufferings before Death to dearers not shake.
Let the simplest Death falls over all,
myself be the first in my age to call.
Great God! Gift me no more Life.

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