Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sweetness of Childhood

1st December, 2001
Our Sweet Childhood, our best days.
Hiddenly but openly says,
the true value and the sweet taste.
But we are out of guess.
Going through it's golden path,
the sweetness, we unable to catch.
We take those days, moments of bore,
we wish those, not to be more.
For elders, we're of no importance,
never do they give us chance.
Involving in some of their works,
they avoid us in some smiling laughs.
It's a second when many thoughts in mind,
we like to attain, job of any kind.
Even the job impossible to be performed,
not because we're less learned,
lack of age, that makes us warn;
we're declared, the unable man.
O' how sightless we remain in early second.
Responsibilities makes pleasure blacken.
In the early don, we want to be focused,
for elders, we're less serious.
The days of future, even sweeter,
but the taste, more bitter.
It's proof, clear and open for You and Me.
In early days, we're keen
to be elder, without thinking.
In a hurry, the best taste, we losing.
It's impossible like our earliest imagination.
So, it's wise to mention,
Childhood: though boredom, the whole sweetness,
in human life hangs around there but less
we get in advancing days.

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