Sunday, January 21, 2007

Temple of Knowledge

10th Nov, 2001

O' youth of college, know your true goal,
which for you're sent.
Not to bark but to walk
with all your intelligence and genius.
Here you face, educational sunset,
don't lose this oppertunity.
Here you learn to approach well,
don't blacken your future.
Here you face galaxies of friends and foes,
don't fumble to pick the best out.
Sent by parents with a dress and food,
to get the same by yourself.
Don't lose your way in fumbling the future.
Here is the Temple of Knowledge,
and you know the duty in a temple.
You are free to lead the way you like:
not in election, strike, merry-making and disturbing.
Knowledge, your true destination.
Go ahead to be one of the leadings in Study,
leave the rest on your destiny.

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