Friday, January 19, 2007

When I met EMOTION

20th February, 2007

I am the BREAD and BUTTER of your life. I am your morning, the DAY and the evening too; I am in your sleep, sometimes in your dream and not to forget, in your scream too. I am in your anger, frustration, dissatisfaction, and also revenge. But still, I am in your loyality, hope, courage, and also in your SUCCESS. You can call me to feed you the way you want. I can take you to the Height of Imagination to crown your EFFORT. But but but...
Never bring EMOTION close to me. I am not made for that. I make you hard, tough, courageous, intelligent and also MATURED but that kills my DREAM, shatters my PLAN and disturbs my FOCUS. I call for STRONG resistance, opportunity seeking, and a marketing approach. But EMOTION makes you weak, publicizes your feelings, brings the world to you and fools you in the HUMAN market.
When I meet EMOTION, it devastates your LIFE because I always overtake this friend of yours. I detach you from its follish feelings and also confuse you in your AIM because we are the two lines of the rectangle of your LIFE which never meet. But yet, you can not survive without me or EMOTION.
So, never never never bring EMOTION to my place.
Because I am your ... PROFFESSION ... and she is your EMOTION ...

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