Thursday, January 18, 2007

World Looks PINK

10th February, 2007
It looked so good to fly in the sky
with my stretched wings as I enjoyed
the sea, the wind, the cloud, and the blue sky.
With my sparkling feathers and opened heart
I danced and sang with my friends in a bang.
Catching fish, swimming in the sea, playing games
and feeding my nest with help of my friends were
the work of the day and the lesson of my life.
As I climbed and moved forward in LIFE,
I saw a vulcher on my way.
I called my friends but found none on the way.
I saw them calling me from different ends.
As I listened each of them, heart had a feeling of an unfriendly air.
Those contrasting views made me to think,
I am flying on an unknown sky and the vulcher is in my friend.
The push and pull, those scaring eyes and those unfriendly advice
just shocked me for a while.
A pause in LIFE where the WORLD looked PINK.
With my scattered feathers, wounded belief, and broken trust,
I continued my escape.
But my WING like before never left me alone and took me up with HOPE n' TRUST.
A fight of ESCAPE continued with a prayer "WINGS be thy savior"
and I flew up to cross the PINK sky.

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